JC JACKELINE CACHO SHOW, She is the Host of the two-time Emmy nominated national TV show  "Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo” .  The program with the best ratings on the Spanish language network VME TV It is broadcast in the 20 most important markets across the country, for the past seven years each episode has featured a variety of guests who are making major strides to grow the image of Latinos and to leverage their fame and expertise in order to help communities across the nation. The show’s success in promoting positive role models has earned Cacho numerous awards and commendations.

JC JACKELINE CACHO LIVE A Digital Version of her National TV Show, Jackeline is Connecting every week with over 50k viewers from all over the Nation, Her signature look and personality are
staples in each of her shows, shedding an insight on what makes Latino luminaries successful in spite of all the challenges they face and the community face in this difficult times of COVID-19.  From political stalwarts like former Mayor of los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, or San Antonio Mayor and HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros to global celebrities like Eduardo Verástegui, Paul Rodriguez, Carla Estrada, Pedro Eustache, and many others, each show demonstrates to viewers the hard work and dedication needed in today’s complicated world.

JC JACKELINE CACHO AWARDS Include her most recent:
2019 Entrepreneur of the Month award from the Latinas in Business Organization in New Jersey.  2018 Presenter of a United Nations (ONU) initiative in New York. She supported the launch of “ The Spotlight Initiative“ from the United Nations and the European Union. 2018 Spokesperson for “The Spotlight Initiative” to promote the initiative supported by the United
Nations and the European Union.  2018 Speaker at the International Women Leadership conference held in Israel, where she also received an award for her leadership qualities. 
2016 She was named “Woman of the Year in Media” presented to her by US Congress represented by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.





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