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“Awakening Your Inner Power Woman

By Jackeline Cacho

Jackeline Cacho receives a great distinction in Dubai for her humanitarian work and release a worldwide initiative “Awakening Your Inner Power Woman” Finding Solutions

to Global Issues Starts with Power Within”.

The hard work of renowned humanitarian journalist Jackeline Cacho crosses borders and is recognized globally for her
dedication to inspiring Latina women in the United States 
and Latin America.

The Latina Leader Jackeline Cacho was recently recognized in Dubai
by Princess Dr. Moradeum Ongulana Founder of First Ladies Forum with the Global Icon Award “It is a true honor to have the presence and talent of this Latin media queen, with her love and sweetness she has conquered the hearts of the community and leaders in Dubai, congratulations” shares Princess Ongulana.

As part of this official visit to Dubai, The Multimedia Star had the honor of receiving the recognition from the International Diplomatic Mission organization awarded by Sandeep Mehta Secretary General and Chairman of the International Diplomatic Mission organization,  “We recognize leaders from all over the world, Jackeline is an example for her humanitarian work in the last 10 years educating the Latina Women in United States and Latin America against domestic violence and femicide” congratulations, Ambassador Sandeep Mehta.

Jackeline Cacho release during the summit her newest Global Initiative: “Awakening Your Inner Power Woman, Despierta Tú Poder
Interno Mujer” Finding Solutions to Global Issues Starts with Power Within”.

“We have to understand that to overcome any problem or circumstances of depression, anxiety, panic attacks or any form of violence, We have to awaken our internal power and strengthen our spirituality by creating a relationship with our Lord, only God can guide us and strengthen us in times where we are broken, We have gone through a pandemic and we are facing very dramatic changes financially, only spiritually strengthened can we overcome these difficult times, our initiative shares practical techniques that will help any woman in the world to awaken their inner power, just as we feed the body we have to feed our spirituality" shares Jackeline Cacho.

She is recipient of numerous awards:


  • In 2022 Global Icon by First Ladies Woman in Dubai.

  • In 2022 Leader Icon of Peace by Ambassador Sandeep Mejta 

  • In 2022 Recognize in the 100 most influential Latinas in US at the 
    Edition of Latino Leaders Magazine.

  • In 2021 Nominated “Inspirational Women of The Year by Los Angeles 

  • In 2019 Ambassador "Spotlight Champion" by United Nations, the 
    European Union and World-renowned motivational Speaker. 

  •  In 2019 Entrepreneur of the Month” award from the Latinas in 
    Business Organization, New Jersey, 

  • In 2019 Entrepreneur of the Month in New York at The Latinas in 
    Business Organization.

  • In 2018 Celebrity Guest and MC in United Nations headquarters at
    the Spotlight Initiative launching in New York City.

  • In 2018, she was named an ambassador for the “Spotlight Initiative in 
    Latin America,” which was supported by the United Nations and 
    European Union. California

  • In 2018 Receive an Award for her humanitarian contributions in Israel 
    at the “Leading Women in The World Making a Difference” 

  • In 2016, “Woman of the Year in Media” by Us Congress giving by Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez.

  • In 2015 “Outstanding Women of the Year” By La Opinion Newspaper.

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