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Los Angeles, CA August 5, 2020. - There is a new mentoring movement in the Latino community.
Abounding with youthful energy, it offers hope for tomorrow.
The Movimiento LDF Líderes del Futuro, or LDF Leaders of the Future mentorship Movement, is an inspiring mentorship program created by media personality Jackeline Cacho with the support of her producer and unconditional partner Thene Muciño and three college students, Diana Vicente from CSU Northridge, Adonis Galarza Toledo from CSU and Juanita Cervantes from CSU. They join Cacho to get the mentorship program off the ground.

LDF Líderes de Futuro is a concept born recently during the Covid-19 crisis in “Jackeline Cacho LIVE,” a digital program produced and hosted by Cacho. Itself started during the pandemic and broadcast weekly live via Facebook, the show features prominent leaders tackling the most pressing issues facing Latinos
"During my recent shows it became urgently evident to me that, because of the extraordinary coronavirus challenges, our youth now needs even more support to succeed in college, get encouragement and insight from working professionals and leaders, and build bridges today and tomorrow," says Cacho. "It is my hope that Leaders of the Future will accomplish that, touching the lives of thousands of young Latino students”

The LDF Movement has the support of two prominent elected officials, who will serve as “Las Madrinas," or "godmothers," to the mentorship program. They are California State Senate member Susan Rubio (D- 22) and California State Assembly member Blanca E. Rubio (D-48). The two siblings represent cities in eastern Los Angeles County. "They made history by becoming the first two sisters serving together at the same time in the California Legislature," Cacho points out.

"As a public school teacher for 17 years, I know how important mentorship is to our Latino community," says Susan Rubio, a Democrat representing the city of Baldwin Park. "I'm grateful that the well-respected journalist Jackeline Cacho asked me to join her as part of this amazing program." An immigrant from Mexico who grew up poor in America, the legislator added she never thought of ever becoming a California senator. Mentors, she says, helped her succeed. "I was supported by so many in our community along the way, and now it's time for us to help and guide the next generation of leaders."

“It is an honor to participate in the Leaders of the Future Mentorship Program," says Blanca E. Rubio, the assemblywoman who also represents the City of Baldwin Park. "As a formerly undocumented immigrant in this country, I am well aware of the many barriers facing our community." She adds, "It is my hope that my story will inspire a future generation of leaders to chase their dreams and to grow into successful adults with the skills and tools necessary to run businesses, hold public office and achieve their goals.”

LDF Líderes Del Futuro - Leaders Of the Future
Will launch in Virtual Conference on Wed., Aug. 12th
Time: 5 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time)
From Los Angeles, California for the entire nation


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“We want to motivate hundreds of youths to reach their goals and graduate from college, which has been
an immense challenge in our Latino community for many years, now the current pandemic has thrown huge
additional obstacles before our students, and we must come together as a community to inspire them to
persist in the fight for their educational and professional dreams." Says Jackeline Cacho.

El Movimiento LDF pairs up college youth with business people, elected officials, artists, activists and other accomplished community personalities to help guide, inspire and succeed the new generations of Latinos. The youth program will offer six virtual conferences through 2020, each featuring a community leader, movie and music stars or sports celebrity.

Youth interested in participating in the LDF Leaders of the Future or Líderes del Futuro conferences can register for free on EventBrite.


For more information on LDF email 


LDF Líderes del Futuro is led by renowned journalist and producer Jackeline Cacho with the support of her producer and partner Thene Muciño and three college students, Diana Vicente from CSU Northridge, Adonis Galarza Toledo from CSU and Juanita Cervantes from CSU, three young graduate student leaders who thank the journalist for their support and ensure LDF will inspire hundreds of young Latino students in this new era.

Diana Vicente: "Hello everyone, my name is Diana Vicente. I recently graduated from Cal State University Northridge with a bachelor's in Marketing and Business Administration. Currently, I am studying towards receiving my MBA. I am very excited to be a part of Lideres Del Futuro. During my undergraduate career I faced many challenges and difficulties but, thanks to great mentors who guided and helped me, I stand successful. During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that we are united. Our youth need to be prepared to enter a world in need of leaders and it is our job to inspire them. Jackeline Cacho has soon become a mentor to me and it is an honor to work alongside her. Please join us in holding conversations that will help the upcoming generation and as we become mentors. Together we can all create Líderes Del Futuro! 

Adonis Galarza-Toledo: Movimiento Lideres del Futuro: It is such a gratifying and amazing feeling to be part of such an amazing group like Movimiento Lideres del Futuro. Everybody on the team that makes Lideres del Futuro is passionate about making a difference and giving back to our latino community. Lideres del Futuro will serve to inspire and empower young minds to become active members of their communities as well as encourage Latinos to pursue a higher education. This movement is dedicated to uplift our communities and provide a pathway to success. To me it is an honor to be able to be part of a movement that I am so passionate about. In my life, there were people who connected me to inspirational leaders, those who provided a mentorship opportunity, and those who cared. It is now my turn to be that person for others. In the movement is involved Jackeline Cacho, a very successful journalist and live tv host in the latino community. Having Ms. Cacho on board is a real blessing to the movement, with her help, our movement will be able to reach places that were not imagined and connect the youth to inspiring leaders in our communities. As we kick off this project, I am excited and honored to be part of such an impactful movement.

Juanita Cervantes: I am a graduate student at Cal State University San Bernardino. I am in the process of completing the Master in Spanish, with an emphasis on Literature, Linguistics, Civilization and Culture. It is an honor for me to be co-chair of the leaders of the future movement, this group was formed thanks to the support and motivation that journalist Jackeline Cacho has given us. Who thanks to his platform has given us the opportunity to give voice to many challenges that Hispanic students face in order to achieve an education at the university level. In one of her previous programs, journalist Jackelin Cacho interviewed my colleagues and me. In a certain interview, we had the opportunity to reveal certains challenges we have experienced throughout our careers. This interview impacted many people who wanted to know more about how it is that we, despite migrating from another country, managed to meet our goals. It is for this 

reason that the movement of leaders of the future wants to be able to answer all those questions that the community has, with a plan to educate, advise and guide them.

ABOUT JC JACKELINE CACHO Creator of Edutainment in Spanish in the nation. In addition to her virtual show, Jackeline Cacho has her own television program on the Spanish-language network VMe TV. Titled “Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino,” the program has earned her two Emmy Award nominations.

A former news reporter and anchor for the Univision and Azteca America networks, Cacho has received many accolades. The Latinas in Business Organization chose her as “2019 Entrepreneur of the Month” in New York. In 2018, she was named an ambassador for the “Spotlight Initiative in Latin America,” which was supported by the United Nations and European Union. Furthermore, California Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez named Cacho “Woman of the Year in Media” in 2016. And she received La Opinión Newspaper’s “Outstanding Women of the Year” award, while Latina Lifestyle Magazine resented her “Latina of Influence Award.”

Youth interested in participating in the LDF Líderes del Futuro conferences can register for free on EventBrite, FREE REGISTRATION: futuro-tickets-115135876506

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